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In the middle of the Great Recession in 2009, Fred Denison quit his job.

At the time, he was working in a government IT department. In his free time, Fred was taking on cyber and network security clients of his own. Businesses were trying to save money, but many didn’t know how to do that when it came to technology and IT. Fred knew he could help business owners save money and solve their technology and security problems. He decided to quit his day job and open FD Consulting.

It ended up being the best decision Fred could have made.

FD Consulting started serving small to mid-size businesses looking to upgrade their paper records to digital systems or fix a technology problem. Whatever issue a client had, FD Consulting was there to create a strategic solution.

As the Recession ended and businesses began thinking about growth, FD Consulting grew with them. The company expanded its services to address the unique challenges businesses faced as technology and the internet became increasingly important — and increasingly risky.

Today, FD Consulting serves small-to-medium-sized businesses with personalized customer service and open communication. Our services fall under four key categories: cyber and network security consulting, disaster planning and recovery, virtual chief information officer services, and managed IT services.


FD Consulting can help your small to medium sized business with almost any technology or IT need you have.

The problems we solve include:

  • Ensuring that your business is secure and can continue operating even in the event of a natural disaster, cyber-attack, or human-error.
  • Getting your network and business up and running following a disaster.
  • Providing long-term strategy and support to help your business grow and achieve its goals while minimizing IT costs and emergency expenses.
  • Reduce expenses related to cyber security insurance costs skyrocketing over recent years.
  • Providing a security plan for the transition of remote work and the increased number of remote workers.
  • Developing an IT plan for your business’s technology that can easily grow with your business while minimizing technology costs.
  • Providing assistance and support in merging with another business while unifying hardware and software to be in the same system.

FD Consulting is ready to help your business with IT solutions custom to your business’s unique needs. We are your trusted advisor, ready to provide you with relevant insights and a strategic vision that solves today’s problems and provides a roadmap for future growth.

Technology is constantly evolving, and businesses need to keep up to be successful and reduce security risks. When you partner with FD Consulting, we identify all the potential risks and problems that could arise and prepare a plan that has both proactive and reactive solutions tailored to your organization’s unique needs.

We find the right solutions that make sense for your business. We will never set you up in a one-size-fits-most system or force you to wait for hours to get the help you need when a problem occurs.

We believe in truly partnering with your business. Many of our clients feel we are an extension of their team or IT department, and we take pride in that.

When a client has a question, FD Consulting provides an immediate answer. It could be something small, like how to set up something in a spreadsheet, or something large like how to recover files securely after a malware attack. It’s all important to us because it’s necessary to keep your business running.

Our goal is to develop IT solutions for your business that are so secure and stable that you don’t need FD Consulting, but we’ll always be here for you if you do.

Meet Our Owner – Fred Denison

Fred Denison has been helping businesses with their technology needs for over 20 years. When he was in high school Fred helped install their first computer system. The staff didn’t know how to do it, but Fred stepped up and helped. His interest in technology was fueled by his natural curiosity. Tinkering with technology started as a fun hobby for Fred, and eventually became a career that he loves.

Over the years, he’s helped hundreds of businesses and organizations with a wide variety of technology needs. As a small to mid-size business owner himself, Fred is most interested in helping small-to-medium-sized businesses think long-term about how to use their technology and security to effectively achieve their business goals.