Employee Cyber Security Training

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Employee Cyber Security Training

Security Training educates your employees to identify and manage security threats to reduce avoidable security incidents, prevent data breaches, and protect your business from financial losses.

With an estimated 90% of security breaches caused by human error and the average cost of a small business data breach being between $120,000 and 1.24 million dollars, it is important to ensure your employees can spot the signs of a cyber threat.   There’s an average 87% improvement rate from baseline testing to 12 months of training and testing using FD Consulting, Inc. Employee Cyber Security Training.

Our Security Training Program tracks employee’s results, provides tangible takeaways, and with our dashboard and tracking features, our program offers targeted additional support to employees that are struggling.


  • Easy to understand, short and visually engaging training videos with an online quiz to verify employees’ retention of training content.
  • Regularly updated training courses to cover the most up-to-date cyber threats.
  • Customize training on your schedule.
  • Monthly reporting measures and track employees’ progress.
  • Easy campaign management to increase training effectiveness.


  • Educate and empower employees to understand, identify and avoid cyber threats.
  • Follow cybersecurity best practices.
  • Boost Employee Productivity.
  • Satisfy requirements for cyber liability insurance and reduces your cost of cyber security insurance.
  • Protects both company assets and company reputations.
  • Reduces downtime should a breach or incident occur.
  • Institutes proactive practices as something to prevent rather than recover.
  • Meet credit card industry compliance requirements.