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IT Audit

An IT audit is an investigation and evaluation of IT systems, infrastructures, policies, and operations. Through IT audits, a company can determine if the existing IT controls protect corporate assets, ensure data integrity and align with the organization’s business and financial controls.

Below are the areas we cover to ensure your audit is conducted appropriately and achieves its objectives.

  • Security Systems
  • Access controls
  • Operating System Access Controls
  • Data backup and disaster recovery
  • Performance monitoring
  • Regulatory compliance if appropriate
  • Network Access Controls
  • Compliant Operating Systems
  • Email and messaging systems
  • Password management
  • Database Access Control (if in use)
  • Virtual Access Controls
  • Network Access Controls
  • Anti Malware Controls
  • Change Management Controls
  • Vendor Management Controls
  • User Awareness Controls
  • Data Protection Controls
  • Asset Management Controls
  • Information security policies approved and in place (If requested)

We provide detailed reports, identify weaknesses, and deliver actionable fixes for improvement.

  • Determining audit scope and objectives
  • Coordination and execution of audit activities
  • Adhering to auditing standards established by the company
  • Development of detailed audit reports
  • Identifying best practices for meeting audit requirements
  • Maintain and update IT audit documentation
  • Communicating audit findings and recommendations
  • Ensuring that previous recommendations have been implemented

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