The ROI of Employee Cyber Security Training Program

The Importance of Employee Cyber Security Training

One of the most important items in keeping your digital information safe is to prevent expensive downtime and stop bad guys from stealing your information. It’s not really hard to do, so let’s talk about it in simpler terms.

If your computer system gets hit by a nasty virus, it can shut down your work and steal your important data. This can be a big problem. And guess what? Many of these bad viruses come from sneaky emails that trick you into clicking on them.

FD Consulting, Inc.’s online Employee Cyber Security Training Program can help businesses deal with these issues. FD Consulting, Inc.’s online program, KnowBe4, has done some research with Forrester that shows how much money a company can save by using its services. Here are five important points the research found:

  1. A three-year ROI of 276%, and it only takes 3 months to see results.
  2. They can also reduce the chances of a cyberattack, which can be costly, by about $432,300 over three years.
  3. Helps businesses save about $411,300 by teaching their employees how to deal with suspicious emails. This means less time and money spent on investigating and fixing problems caused by these emails.
  4. Engaging online training in 35 different languages. This is much cheaper than trying to do the training on your own.
  5. Keeps your insurance costs from going up because it helps prevent cyber incidents.

Employee Cyber Security Training is an Excellent Investment

In short, online Employee Cyber Security Training is a good investment for businesses to protect themselves from cyber threats. They offer extra tools to help, like protecting against sneaky emails, teaching good security practices, and making sure companies follow the rules.

Cyberattacks are getting more common and costing the world a lot of money. It’s estimated that the cost of dealing with these attacks will go up by nearly 70% from 2023 to 2028.

Make Your Employees Your Human Firewall

And here’s something you need to know: the biggest weakness in your cybersecurity is often your own employees. Employees can be tricked into doing things that make your digital information vulnerable. In fact, most of the time, it’s a person who falls for these tricks, and it often starts with a sneaky email. According to Verizon’s DBIR Research shows that 74% of data breaches involve the human element, 91% of cyberattacks start with a spear-phishing attack and phishing is responsible for two-thirds of ransomware infections.

Being prepared, careful, and smart will help your employees not fall into the bad guy’s traps. Training your employees is like building a strong shield around your digital data and network.

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