Network Security Consulting


Are you concerned about malware, ransomware, social engineering or other online attacks? Do you know where your data is and what it is worth? Are you in a highly regulated industry like healthcare, financial services, or utilize credit cards? Our network security audit service helps you understand your network vulnerabilities and the associated liabilities.

Save Money on Cyber Insurance

Cyber insurance premiums are escalating exponentially.  Insurance companies are getting smarter and requiring detailed information about businesses, network security, and policies.  Insurance companies are asking their insured for a comprehensive account of how effectively they are managing their risk.  Are your network security and policies up to date?  On average, FD Consulting saves our clients over $10,000 annually on their cyber insurance premiums!  Let FD Consulting help you lower your insurance premium rates.

Business Monitoring and Management


FD Consulting ensures that you are able to serve your customers without interruption. Our steady monitoring of your network security and I.T. needs preempts and eliminates downtime and forced outages, therefore optimizing your output and business productivity. We secure your network today so you can focus on the future.

Why FD Consulting?

We specialize in IT consulting for small to medium-sized businesses.

Our business is geared to be your technology partner that puts your business first. Teaming up with FD Consulting means getting innovative IT support & professional services you need to secure, design, and protect your business

FD Consulting understands that each industry has its own technology needs. That’s why we tailor our services to help your company rise to the top of your field. No matter what industry, FD Consulting provides cutting edge solutions your company can rely on. Our customers’ businesses run better with our help. 

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